It is our belief that form and function are of equal importance and must co-exist in our work for the company and our concrete to be successful.  We truly believe in Formed Function, Designed Beauty.  With the versatility of concrete, any look is achievable, from traditional stone to cutting edge modern design.  Concrete also allows for personal touches with inlays and decorative aggregate. Fossils, bike parts, mother of pearl, and in-house processed, locally recycled glass have all been inlayed in recent projects. Functional features can also be added to concrete countertops; drain-boards, integral cutting boards, sinks, and raised trivets create truly custom looks and improved functionality.


Our process for producing your concrete countertops is similar to that of granite.  When the cabinets are set, we template the cabinets so we have a full-size representation of the size and shape of the countertops.  Next we form, pour, and polish the concrete countertops in our shop, creating the mess there and not on your jobsite. Once the concrete countertops are completely finished, the countertops are installed, just like granite or other solid surfaces.


With the increased interest in green building, Designed Concrete Surfaces champions concretes recognition as a green building product, and strives to expand its applications.  Additionally, we have been developing a line of recycled glass concrete countertops that contains over 50% recycled glass.  In the future we hope to increase the recycled glass percentage and extend the use of this concrete into tile and flooring.





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