Stained concrete floors are a cost effective flooring option that utilizes the existing concrete floor to create a variegated durable floor finish. Colors and patterns range from natural stone and earth tones for a traditional look to bold colored patterns for a more modern feel. Together, we can create a one of a kind look for your home.


Key Features

Part of a sustainable, eco-friendly design

Natural variegated look to bold vibrant colors

Special techniques can create truly unique floor finishes

Create the look of tile without the grout joints

Easy cleaning

Very cost effective floor option

Patterns limited only by imagination



Polished concrete is one of the most durable and eco-friendly flooring options available.  Using diamond abrasives, the concrete is ground and polished to achieve the shine.  No topical sealer is applied so no waxing or resealing is needed, thereby reducing to maintenance to almost nothing.  This process dates back to 15th century Venice when workers laid discarded marble chips into clay to surface the terraces around their homes.  The marble was then rubbed smooth by hand and terrazzo was invented.  The look of terrazzo can be accomplished with polished concrete floors by staining patterns in the concrete.  Though not our core business, Designed Concrete Surfaces has re-polished existing terrazzo floors that were in need of some TLC.


Key Features

Hard wearing, lifetime flooring option

No sealer to maintain, the concrete itself creates the shine

One of the most eco-friendly flooring options available

A very low maintenance floor option

Variegated looks in bold and natural colors

Create the look of tile without the grout joints

Patterns limited only by imagination



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