At Designed Concrete Surfaces, our goal is to create.  As Artisans we have chosen concrete as our medium and whether it is precast concrete (countertops, sinks, benches etc.), or decorative concrete finishes on floors, we strive to expand the perception of concrete as a finished surface by producing the highest quality, specialty concrete products.



Developed by the Greeks during the Bronze Age, Concrete has been around for thousands of years, and has been the foundation of building and construction.  It has been only in recent years that concrete has been allowed to show forth its honest beauty and strength.  At Designed Concrete Surfaces, while staying true to concrete’s original formulation (cement, sand, aggregate, and water), advances in the chemistry of concrete, and tight process control, allow us to explore the sculptural nature of this material and use it in new applications.  In addition to concrete’s own unique intrinsic beauty when polished or honed, its sculptural nature can imitate other textures while maintaining concretes durable, hard-wearing, and expressive nature.


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